Nike .SWOOSH: Reimagining Co-Creation in the Age of Web3


The customer engagement landscape is shifting towards a more interactive and participatory model, a trend exemplified by Nike’s pioneering .SWOOSH platform. Through its innovative community collaborations and recent OF1 NFT drop, Nike is fortifying its position as a leader in digital brand engagement. An essential element of this new digital frontier is the .SWOOSH ID, a soulbound NFT that is a game-changer for customer identification and engagement in the Web3 world.

The .SWOOSH Experience

Photo: Nike

Powered by .SWOOSH ID

Unique to .SWOOSH is the .SWOOSH ID, a soulbound NFT given away by Nike that serves as your digital identity within the platform. Unlike typical NFTs that can be traded or sold, a soulbound NFT is permanently tied to the owner, functioning like an ID badge within Nike’s Web3 universe and beyond. This innovative approach to identity secures a unique and non-transferable relationship between Nike and each member of the .SWOOSH community.

Curate and co-create Virtual Creations

Beyond being a place for collection, Nike’s .SWOOSH aims to create an environment where the community can actively curate, trade, and even co-create virtual products with the brand. The recent OF1 NFT drop serves as a testament to .SWOOSH’s commitment to community involvement. Nike encouraged its members to co-design four virtual shoe designs, showcasing them as part of this unique NFT drop. Ron Faris, the general manager of Nike Virtual Studios, highlighted that such initiatives make .SWOOSH “the marketplace of the future.”

Marketplace and Trade

With its in-built marketplace, .SWOOSH offers a place to buy, trade, and sell virtual creations. Though initially restricted to in-platform transactions for security reasons, Nike aims to provide compatibility with third-party wallets soon.

Where It Succeeded

Photo: Nike

Direct onboarding of users

By distributing complimentary .SWOOSH NFTs, they have successfully onboarded over a quarter-million individual users, providing a direct channel to a vast audience and an opportunity to analyze on-chain activities in Web3. This sets a new standard in customer interaction and data-driven insights.

Education and Community Building

Nike has also emphasized educating its community in both the platform’s mechanisms, the broader Web3 landscape, and how to get started as a creator of virtual assets.

The Role of Community

The OF1 NFT drop underscores Nike’s shift toward a collaborative platform. This move signals a key milestone in the brand’s evolution, demonstrating how community-driven co-creation can bring value to the brand and its patrons.

Areas for Improvement

Inclusive Access

Currently, access to .SWOOSH requires a Nike account and an access code. This might limit the platform’s appeal only to existing Nike customers or those with access to these codes. Nike could consider other forms of access that make it easier for a broader range of participants to join the platform, providing them an avenue to engage closely with the brand.

Broader Digital-Physical Integration

While the OF1 NFT drop successfully linked digital and physical realms, there’s still scope for greater integration, including access to token-gated physical events and incentives for being part of Nike’s customer journey.


Nike’s .SWOOSH platform has set the bar high for digital-first, community-centric brand engagement, from its soulbound .SWOOSH IDs to its community-created OF1 NFT drop, the platform exemplifies a harmonious blend of technological innovation and brand legacy. As .SWOOSH continues to evolve; it sets a precedent for how brands can create meaningful, participatory relationships with their communities in the Web3 era.

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