How NFTs Are Transforming Memberships

In our dynamic digital age, where tailored experiences and exclusivity are key drivers of consumer behavior, businesses are under constant pressure to redefine how memberships can continually drive value for them. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are heralding a transformative era for memberships, not just from a user perspective, but also in driving tangible business value for enterprises.

Why NFTs for Memberships?

NFTs, as digital tokens with blockchain-backed authentication, are more than just digital assets; they’re potent tools for businesses to unlock novel revenue streams, foster customer loyalty and retention, and heighten brand prestige.

Security and Authenticity

People often use methods like sharing passwords and faking identities to evade membership charges and access restricted areas, particularly online. Instead of using tangible cards, passwords, or papers, NFTs offer a means to hold securely encrypted digital tokens that can be easily verified. These immutable records bolster transparency and ensure genuine verification during the membership process.

Augmented Revenue Streams

When memberships involve NFTs, businesses are not merely offering access; this access can exist as tokens that can be sold or transferred – becoming new product offerings and diversifying revenue streams. As members purchase, trade, or leverage these assets within a marketplace, brands may be able to claim royalties from every sale of these NFTs.

For example, Starbucks’ Web3 loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey, taps into a lucrative alternative revenue channel by securing a 10% commission on every NFT transaction.

Deepened Brand Loyalty & User Retention

NFTs as memberships enable unparalleled value creation for customers through gated access to physical/digital spaces, utility, benefits, and even co-creation opportunities. This enables increased brand stickiness and customer retention. Unlike traditional memberships, NFTs provide an easy, secure, and authentic way to prove one’s membership in a particular entity. Their scarcity, uniqueness, and potential value growth make members feel deeply invested, ensuring longer-term association and decreased churn. This loyalty is transactional and emotional, leading to higher lifetime member value.

Easier user-experience

Memberships rooted in NFTs might make traditional paper memberships or cards obsolete. To access a club, website, or organization, one would simply showcase a digital wallet containing the necessary NFT. This would allow organizations to do away with paper procedures and current administrative systems for identity verification since the identity would be linked to the NFT itself.

Enhanced Brand Prestige & Differentiation

NFTs, with their contemporary appeal, associate the brand with innovation and exclusivity. By leveraging NFTs, enterprises can position themselves as forward-thinking leaders in their industry. This differentiation can become a potent tool for attracting a more tech-savvy and affluent demographic.

Data-Driven Insights & Personalization

NFTs, being on the blockchain, offer a rich tapestry of data. Enterprises can analyze transaction histories, asset interactions, and trading behaviors. These insights can then be leveraged to tailor offerings, and promotions, or even launch new products, all based on real-time member preferences.

How Have NFTs Been Used for Memberships?

NFTs for memberships have now seen increasing adoption from a variety of industries. Here are some examples:


Mintable collaborated with HelloVacay and introduced the Pilot Passport NFT, an exclusive collectible that entitles holders to a special membership that unlocks private travel rates and additional perks. In addition, Travala’s Travel Tiger NFTs serve as an extension to Travala’s loyalty offerings, allowing holders to receive travel credits, travel benefits, and other surprises.


Starbucks introduced Starbucks Odyssey, an extension of Starbucks Rewards, powered by Web3 technology, that unlocks members’ access to exciting new benefits and experiences. The experience allows members to participate in a series of entertaining, interactive activities called ‘Journeys” to earn NFT Stamps and Journey Points, which can be redeemed for exclusive benefits.

In addition, Fast-casual Asian concept and virtual restaurant company Wow Bao announced a new tiered NFT membership program as an extension of its current Bao Bucks rewards program, unlocking various digital and physical rewards that focus on customer retention and continued loyalty.

By integrating NFTs into their membership models, enterprises aren’t merely adopting a trend; they’re strategically positioning themselves to optimize business value, revenue, and brand positioning in a rapidly evolving market.

The message is clear: For enterprises seeking to elevate their brand, bolster revenues, and deepen member relationships, NFTs are not just an option – they’re the future.


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