Why B2B Business Use Mintology for Claimable NFTs

The online world is moving from a centralized, social-network-oriented Web 2.0 to a decentralized, metaverse-oriented Web 3.0 world. The web is becoming smarter as well as more distributed than ever before. Consumers, especially the new Z generation, focus on digital identities, asset ownership, strong digital community participation, and enhanced engagement modes. These preferences have given rise to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, immutable ledger technology called blockchain, AI, machine leading, etc. 

With this rapid change from Web2 to Web3, businesses are changing their marketing strategies accordingly. Nike, Gucci, Adidas, Coca-Cola, the NBA, Vodafone, and many other brands have already started catching up with the NFT trend. They are incorporating promotional or claimable NFT for B2B marketing strategies. Mintology is offering leading brands and businesses a complete turnkey NFT as a Service (NaaS) solution. All non-technical persons with no knowledge of coding or NFTs can use the Mintology app’s solution to mint and promote NFTs at an extremely affordable cost. 

To understand why B2B businesses should use Mintology for claimable NFTs, it’s essential to understand:

  • The shifting dynamics of the promotional market strategies
  • How are promotional NFTs bringing in a paradigm shift in the marketing strategies of brands?
  • Claimable NFT Examples and their successful usage by brands
  • How Mintology’s proprietary and world’s first Gas Free NFT Minting or subscription-based minting models are revolutionizing the marketing strategies of brands?
  • Why should you Choose Mintology App’s Claimable NFT for B2B?

Let’s explore further.


Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Shifting B2B and B2C Marketing

The paradigm shift in digital culture from Web 2 to Web 3 has brought unprecedented opportunities for businesses. You can make your customers grow your business and brand with the right incentive. 

Major brands like Gucci, the NBA, Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, and many more are adopting NFTs in their marketing strategies. They understand that a well-executed NFT strategy will enable them to reach and attract the next generation of consumers by providing them value. This is where claimable NFTs chip in to help the brands achieve greatness. Businesses can give away NFTs for free and, in turn, engage customers. 


Claimable NFTs for B2B: The Next Big Thing in Marketing

As the online world transforms from Web2.0 to Web3.0, Claimable NFTs are enabling businesses of all sizes to use non-fungible assets to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Engage New Gen Z customers effectively
  • Enhance Brand Loyalty
  • Maximize ROI
  • Earn Royalties, and many more

Claimable NFTs are promotional NFTs with an inclusive and frictionless built-in claiming process. If you are a brand marketing manager, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to tap into the advantages of the growing global NFT market. This market is expected to expand by around 6-folds from US$14.02 billion in 2021 to US$82.43 billion in 2026. 

Why sit on the sidelines when other brands take advantage of the NFT trend? Incorporate Claimable NFTs in your B2B and B2C marketing plans to:

  • Attract more clients  
  • Engage existing customers effectively to transform them to repeat customers 

You should start engaging with your customers and catapult your business to new heights by using promotional NFTs in your marketing strategy. Give away NFTs for free to your new/existing customers and reach your target audience effectively. 


Top 5 Benefits of Claimable NFTs for Businesses

NFTs are bringing in a paradigm shift in the way marketing strategies are formulated by the businesses. The business world hasn’t seen such an excitement regarding any innovation since the astronomical rise of social media (especially facebook and Twitter) a decade back. 


Benefit #1: Build Community and Establish Brand Loyalty

Claimable NFTs for B2B are helping businesses to build community. They can give their target audience and existing customers a chance to buy their place into your community. This helps a brand to create deeper connections with customers than the ones who are simply buying their product or service subscription. The deeper connection between a brand and customer gets built through a community solely because the customers become a partial member of the community. 

The more NFT tokens a community member holds, he/she becomes that more valuable to that community. If anyone doesn’t want access to the community any longer then that person can sell off their NFTs at their asking price. 

When a customer buys an NFT, it automatically grants access to:

  • A Discord community
  • An event
  • The calendar of a coach for accessing special privileges and opportunities
  • A course

Customers get access within a couple of minutes after buying NFT. This shows that the smart contract within an NFT not only helps in maintaining transparency but also in faster processing. In fact, the decentralized ledger called blockchain gives visibility to the customer about their immediate access to the community, which again enhances credibility of the community. This will also help a brand in establishing brand loyalty among its users and customers. 


Benefit #2: Generate a Sense of Exclusivity

You can give claimable NFTs to your customers or users to offer them access to various exclusive aspects of your business and services. When you combine the scarcity of your NFT with special offers for your business, you urge your target audience or existing customers to take action. For example, for attaching them with NFTs, you can offer your customers exclusive access to discounts, products, services, and events. This gives your target audience or existing customers an incentive or opportunity to get drawn toward your brand.


Benefit #3: Boost Brand Engagement

Collectible claimable NFTs are released by leading brands and given to their fans from time to time. These non-fungible assets provide the fans with ownership of unique digital assets of their favorite brands. 

In 2021, Pepsi released a limited collection of 1,893 NFTs with the Pepsi Mic Drop. This strategic NFT-based marketing helped Pepsi to engage a huge number of people. Data shows that 1,200 people owned the NFTs and 2,800 were traded.


Benefit #4: Reach New Consumers

If your brand hasn’t already participated in gaming then they can use NFTs in this space for reaching new generation customers. In 2021, a company named Burberry entered the NFT space. For the Blankos Block Party game, they launched an NFT collection in partnership with Mythical Games. The brand created an NFT shark toy that can be purchased and sold by the gamers in the Blankos Block Party marketplace. They also created NFTs of accesories (pool shoes and jetpack) so that gamers can buy and use them with their virtual toys. This helped Burberry to promote awareness of the brand throughout the game. 


Benefit #5: Proof of Attendance (POAP)

The proof of attendance protocol helps in giving out NFTs on the basis of  limited-time concepts. It involves a secret word, which can be used for accessing the NFTs. 

One of the classiest claimable NFT examples on the POAP concept was that of TIME magazine in their Discord community sessions of TIMEPieces. A secret word is given by them first. You have to give out a secret word. Once you know the answer, you have to visit their site within one hour and put in the word. If done correctly, the consumer will be granted a special proof of attendance by the TIME magazine. The limited-edition, limited-time special NFT will grant users access to experiences that are more exclusive in nature. 


Top 3 Claimable NFT Examples: Successful Use Cases

Some of the successful implementations of Claimable NFTs for B2B and B2C businesses in their marketing strategies are listed below:

Case Study # 1: Ray-Ban

This eyewear brand was the first to adopt NFTs in its marketing strategies. They were among the early adopters of NFTs. Ray-Ban understood that in the transforming web3.0 world, claimable NFTs could give them:

  • A significant buzz to their brand 
  • Overall consumer engagement

The special NFTs of Ray-Ban was designed by Oliver Latta, a renowned German artist. This NFT featured the brand’s popular aviator frame in a 3-Dimensional motion design. The company used this NFT line to carry out promotional and PR campaigns. 


Case Study #2: Nike

“Ducks of a Feather,” a unique NFT/sneaker project, was created by a team led by Tinker Hatfield (Nike’s Vice President of Design and Special Projects). A total of 120 NFTs and an Air Max 1 sneaker were created by Hatfield in collaboration with alumni of the University of Oregon. This was created early in 2022 and was put on auction in February 2022. Every buyer of these NFTs received their pair of Nike’s real-life sneakers. Nike created a buzz around this marketing campaign, including social media campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord channels. 


Case Study #3: Coca-Cola

The leading beverage brand created a dynamic digital art NFT called “Friendship Box” in 2021. The brand held an auction to raise money for a charity that supported Special Olympics International. Coca-Cola also held this auction to celebrate International Friendship Day. The “Friendship Box” mimicked a vintage Coca-Cola cooler showcased:

  • A bubble jacket (Coca-Cola branded) which characters can wear in the Decentraland metaverse
  • A sound visualizer 
  • A friendship card

The auction winner won the “Friendship Box” at a bid of US$575,000. In addition, the winner also received a real refrigerator having a branded Coca-Cola logo. 

Coca-Cola used social media campaigns and also held a virtual party on Decentraland. The brand showcased music, auctioned NFTs loot box, giveaways, and many more. In addition, a lot of free PR was generated, thanks to attention from a wide range of news outlets. Including promotional NFTs in their marketing campaign helped Coca-Cola attract more new generation customers and improve their reputation for contributing to social causes. 

Mintology for Claimable NFTs: What’s so Special?

Mintology’s Claimaible NFTs for B2B and B2C help connect newer generation consumers. Now, brands and businesses can use Mintology’s proprietary gas-free minting technology to engage with their target audience at a cost that is 90% lower than the minting cost of traditional NFTs. For example, to mint a single NFT traditionally, it takes anywhere from US$20 to US$200. However, Mintology’s Claimable NFTs for B2B drive down the cost of minting each NFT to a few dollars. 

Minting non-fungible tokens were significantly high because of the gas fees. However, they have brought a new concept into the marketplace that makes it viable to create thousands of NFTs at an affordable cost. You, as a brand, can give away NFTs to your target audience free of charge. 

Using their proprietary technology, Mintology has become the first and only company that has launched gasless minting on the Ethereum blockchain. This has enabled companies across the globe to use NFTs as a promotional and effective marketing tool. 

Mintology’s specialty is that it has enabled businesses to give away free NFTs, which is now economically viable. As the online world transitions from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, Mintology has ensured that all big brands and businesses will soon have their own NFT strategy within their marketing plan to reach and engage customers and fans more effectively at an affordable cost. 

Therefore, you can have an edge over your competitors by minting thousands of NFTs at an affordable cost and then distributing them to your target audience for maximizing reach and improving engagement with your existing customers. 


Top 3 Mintology Success Stories


#1 Zedge

Zedge is a leading brand that caters to the need for designing and customizing mobile devices with videos, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. Their global market reach and active monthly user count is 43 million. Zedge also sells NFTs to its customers. This is where Mintology, the B2B arm of Mintable, has helped them scale their business to newer heights by offering them an affordable gas-free way of minting. Zedge’s “NFTs Made Easy” is adding value to the existing creative market of art and enabling creators to monetize their art forms easily with the help of Mintology.

#2 Singapore Fintech Festival

Mintology, Mintable NFT marketplace’s enterprise arm, enabled the Singapore Fintech Festival (an annual event) to create 500 NFTs instantly in a gas-free and environment-friendly way. This helped the organizers reach and motivate their target audience to buy their event tickets. 

#3 Salty Sharks

Mintology enabled the Salty Sharks project (a story-driven Aquatic Metaverse) to be launched in just 7-days. Mintology’s gasless minting product and fully managed minting launchpad service helped Salty Sharks save a total of US$700,000. This helped the project focus and drive it to its full potential. 

Final Words

Are you a business owner or marketing expert of a brand or business of any size? If yes, you can take the traditional route of NFT marketing. You either join communities on Discord or explore NFTs online traditional NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. However, creating or minting NFTs on OpenSea, Rarible, and other traditional sites are costly. 

Instead you can use Mintology’s proprietary gas-free minting technology to engage with their target audience at a cost that is 90% lower than the minting cost of traditional NFTs. You can also use Mintology’s gasless minting product as well as fully managed minting launchpad service to save thousands of dollars. 

You can use Mintology’s brand platform to mint NFTs at US$1-2 per mint in place of US$20-200. This will help you create thousands of NFTs at an affordable cost. In turn, your business can give away thousands of NFTs to your target audience for free to gain more new customers and engage them more effectively. The world’s first and only gasless minting platform, Mintology (the B2B arm of Mintable marketplace) will help you incorporate NFTs in your brand marketing strategy in an affordable manner. 

To participate, you don’t have to download any cryptocurrency wallet. Instead, simply scan a QR code and collect your claimable NFT for B2B from Mintology’s landing page you are redirected to. Once you authenticate yourself with a Google or Facebook account, your account on Mintology gets authenticated and you receive your NFT in your account. 

If you are a business looking to work with NFTs to reach your target audience and make existing customers more loyal, contact us at Mintology today!


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