NFTs in Digital Justice: Mintable & Mintology’s Role in Fighting Financial Crime

In the digital age, the intersection of technology and law often presents complex challenges that demand innovative solutions. The case of Intelligent Sanctuary (iSanctuary) against a network of cryptocurrency fraudsters is a prime example of such a challenge, where the theft of digital assets crossed international borders and tested the limits of traditional legal mechanisms. This case study explores the pivotal role of Mintable and our B2B arm, Mintology, in crafting a groundbreaking response that not only addressed the immediate issue but also showcased the vast potential of NFT technology as a versatile tool in the legal and forensic realms.

The Client

Intelligent Sanctuary stands as a beacon of innovation in the fight against financial crime. With a team of seasoned experts led by Jonathan Benton, iSanctuary has carved out a niche in the global landscape for its strategic use of technology in unearthing and combating sophisticated financial fraud. Their expertise is particularly notable in cryptocurrency, where the digital nature of assets requires an equally digital response to criminal activities.

The Challenge

The challenge iSanctuary faced was a digital-age heist: the theft of a crypto password and the subsequent illicit transfer of millions in cryptocurrency. The assets flowed through the digital ether, crossing from Singapore to Europe, leaving a trail that demanded a swift and technologically sophisticated response to halt the transfer and recover the assets.

The Solution

Enter Mintable and Mintology, whose innovative use of NFT technology provided the key to this modern-day conundrum. They developed a unique NFT that embodied a Worldwide Freezing Order (WFO) issued by a Singapore Court. This NFT, leveraging the immutable and non-transferable nature of Soulbound token technology, was affixed to the target wallets. It was a solution that not only marked the stolen assets for immediate identification but also enabled legal authorities to act quickly upon any movement of these assets.

“Our innovation lies in this NFT’s capability as both ‘lookout’ and ‘red notice’. Any movement of funds in or out of the cold wallets can be detected by the investigator, and any third party encountering the funds can see the court orders to act.”

Zach Burks, CEO, Mintable & Mintology

The Result

The implementation of this NFT solution was a resounding success. It served as a vigilant sentinel, alerting exchanges and legal entities at the first sign of asset movement. This innovative approach significantly reduced the time to freeze assets and demonstrated the NFT’s utility beyond its conventional use as a collector’s item or art piece. It became a beacon of legal innovation, signalling a new era where digital assets could be secured and monitored with unprecedented efficiency.

“With the endorsement and direction of the Singapore courts, together, iSanctuary and Mintable have demonstrated an innovative approach to tackling illegal activity.”

Jonathan Benton, CEO, Intelligent Sanctuary


The collaboration between iSanctuary and Mintable, facilitated by Mintology, represents a landmark achievement in applying blockchain technology for legal purposes. This case study not only illustrates the effectiveness of NFTs in a new domain but also paves the way for their future use in asset protection, legal processes, and beyond. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital economy, the innovative use of NFTs stands as a testament to the transformative potential of this technology, heralding a future where digital justice is served with the same certainty as its traditional counterpart.


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