Driving Engagement: Mintology’s Solution for Mediacorp

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, embracing cutting-edge technologies is critical to driving enterprise success and captivating audiences. Mintology stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, empowering businesses to leverage the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for unparalleled customer engagement and business growth. This case study highlights Mintology’s partnership with Mediacorp, Singapore’s leading media network, where they embarked on a mission to drive engagement for their business partners. Through a Lunar New Year Happy Bunny NFT activation, Mintology enabled Mediacorp to captivate its business partners, fostering stronger relationships and setting the stage for a prosperous year.  

Client Background

Mediacorp, Singapore’s leading content creator and national media network is renowned for its diverse offerings, spanning TV channels, radio stations, digital platforms, news, rewards programs, and media education. With a dedicated team of professionals committed to innovation and high-quality content, Mediacorp aims to create, connect, and inspire audiences through engaging media services.

The Challenge

For their annual Lunar New Year Luncheon 2023, Mediacorp sought an innovative approach to engage and entertain their business partners while fostering stronger relationships. They wanted to mark the beginning of a prosperous year with a memorable memento for their esteemed partners. To achieve this, they required a digital solution that would intrigue and resonate with their diverse audience.

The Solution – Lunar New Year Happy Bunny NFTs

Mintology approached the challenge by conceptualizing the LNY Happy Bunny NFT activation for Mediacorp. The centerpiece of the solution was the creative Happy Bunny NFTs, exclusively claimable during the event and designed by Mediacorp artists. The seamless claiming process involved attendees scanning a QR code, signing in to claim their unique NFT, and finding it stored safely in their wallets without needing any Web3 or crypto experience.

The Happy Bunny NFT was made available to be claimed during the event. Photo: Mintology

The Happy Bunny NFTs went beyond being collectibles, serving as secure keys that granted exclusive perks throughout the year, ensuring continuous engagement for their owners. Additionally, a limited number of physical figurines were crafted and distributed during the event, offering a select few tangible mementos to remember the occasion.

The physical figurines were given out during the event. Photo: Mediacorp

Mintology played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the NFT activation. The team designed and developed a user-friendly claiming page, allowing attendees to claim their Happy Bunny NFTs effortlessly. This user-friendly interface was crucial in achieving a 100% claim rate, making the process accessible to a diverse audience.

The claiming experience for the LNY Happy Bunny NFTs. Photo: Mintology

Moreover, Mintology provided secure custodial wallets, guaranteeing the safe storage and management of the Happy Bunny NFTs. This security feature instilled confidence among Mediacorp’s partners, protecting their exclusive perks.

The Results

The LNY Happy Bunny NFT activation proved to be a resounding success. With a remarkable 100% claim rate throughout the event, the simplicity and efficiency of Mintology’s NFT claiming solution resonated with the diverse audience, showcasing its effectiveness across the board.

The activation also added an innovative touch to the Lunar New Year Luncheon, elevating Mediacorp’s image as a hub for forward-thinking solutions. The introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs highlighted Mediacorp’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge trends and promoting innovative solutions to its partners.


The successful collaboration between Mintology and Mediacorp exemplifies the potential of NFTs to revolutionize engagement strategies and drive memorable experiences for diverse audiences. Mintology’s expertise in NFT technology integration and seamless user experiences elevated the Lunar New Year Luncheon, leaving a lasting impression on Mediacorp’s partners.

Unlock the potential of NFTs for your enterprise today by exploring Mintology’s innovative solutions. Embrace digital transformation and drive engagement like never before.


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