Inspiring Loyalty in Gaming: Mintology’s Solutions for Station Casinos

Customer engagement and satisfaction are pivotal to the success of the ever-evolving gaming and hospitality industry. Station Casinos, a prominent player in this field, recognised the need to revamp its loyalty scheme and offer a more immersive experience to its guests. To help achieve this, it partnered with Mintology. This case study delves into the successful collaboration between Mintology and Station Casinos, highlighting a transformation in the hotel and casino company’s gaming experience with the use of NFT technology.

The Customer

Established in 1976, Station Casinos is a leading casino and entertainment industry brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a focus on providing various services, including hotel accommodation, casino gaming, dining, and entertainment, Station Casinos has built a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and memorable experiences. It aims to cater to various guest preferences and skill levels by offering various gaming options, ranging from traditional table games to a vast array of slot machines.

The Challenge

Station Casinos sought to enhance guest engagement and personalise the gaming experience for its customers, recognising that in an increasingly digital-native world, traditional loyalty schemes lacked the excitement and the features necessary to attract and retain guests again and again. Perceptively, the company recognised the potential for NFTs to reshape loyalty schemes with a future-proof approach, making them more rewarding, interactive, and entertaining for guests. Station Casinos turned to Mintology, therefore, to employ our technical expertise in NFT technology and, ultimately, help the business to meet its ambitious aims.

The Solution – Introducing STN Charms

Mintology, in collaboration with Station Casinos and Intergalactic Agency, created STN Charms, a series of digital and collectable good luck Charms exclusively available to members of Station Casinos’ loyalty scheme, Boarding Pass. The STN Charms campaign was an original and interactive way for Boarding Pass members to earn unique rewards and customise their playing experience. Each Charm is colour-coded based on its obtainability, with some Charms being more challenging to obtain than others. The Charms’ obtainability and Luck Levels injected additional excitement and engagement into the gaming experience. Boarding Pass members could upgrade Charms in their collections based on their slot machine play. STN Charms was built using Mintology’s API and our platform provided the functionality that allowed Boarding Pass members to buy, sell, and display their NFTs. Intergalactic Agency handled the technology and design aspects of the tokens themselves.

A variety of charms are available to collect under the STN Charms program. Photo: Station Casinos

The Experience

Boarding Pass members could easily activate and interact with their collections by inserting their passes into any slot machine and selecting a Charm in their collection. As guests won, their Charms would increase in Luck Level. By removing their Boarding Pass, they could discover if they had reached the Charm’s next Luck Level. Attaining Luck Levels does not alter the outcome of the gaming devices, promoting fairness while providing an additional layer of engagement and rewards to loyalty scheme members.

The STN Charms user experience on a poker machine. Photo: Station Casinos

The Result

The introduction of STN Charms had significantly positive results for Station Casinos and its guests. Over 250,000 boarding pass members have Charm boxes, and over 1.6m Charms have been earned.  In addition, the program is currently experiencing more and more engagement both on-property and online at

Furthermore, the campaign improved engagement among Boarding Pass members, particularly those in the highest tier of the loyal scheme, the Chairman tier. It exemplified a successful integration of NFTs into a loyalty program, catering to high-value customers and further strengthening their loyalty to the brand.

The introduction of the STN Charms program also allowed Station Casinos to distinguish itself from competitors with a truly unique offering and an immersive gaming experience. The campaign successfully positioned the brand as an innovator in the industry, enhancing its image and reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Finally, the data collected from the NFT interactions provided valuable post-launch intelligence, offering actionable insights for targeted marketing efforts and personalized experiences in future campaigns. This data-driven approach may give Station Casinos the ability to make better-informed decisions in future based on guest preferences and behaviours, further improving the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

The Conclusion

Mintology’s partnership with Station Casinos exemplifies the transformative potential of NFTs for reimagining loyalty schemes and visitor engagement campaigns in the gaming and hospitality industry. By implementing the STN Charms campaign, Station Casinos created a more immersive and a more rewarding gaming experience for its guests, fostering greater customer loyalty and delivering greater customer satisfaction.

Mintology’s deep expertise in NFT technology, acquired from years at the forefront of early NFT adoption, was vital to successfully delivering a seamless integration of NFTs into the existing infrastructure, resulting in remarkable outcomes for Station Casinos. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, NFTs present exciting opportunities, when deployed strategically, to enterprises seeking to better captivate their audiences and redefine their customer experiences.

Partner with Mintology today and reshape your business for success with NFTs.


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