Transforming Event Engagement: Mintology’s Solutions for Mastercard

In today’s digital age, innovation is crucial in capturing and retaining audience attention. Mastercard, a renowned global payment technology company, faced a decline in visitor engagement at its corporate events, impacting networking opportunities and footfall. To overcome this challenge and introduce the excitement of NFTs to their events, Mastercard partnered with Mintology. This case study highlights Mintology’s successful partnership with Mastercard, showcasing how their cutting-edge NFT solutions transformed attendee engagement and achieved strategic business goals.

The Customer

Mastercard, founded in 1966, is a leading global payment technology company. With a presence in over 200 countries, Mastercard enables secure electronic transactions for consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide. The brand’s reputation for trust, convenience, and cutting-edge payment solutions has made it a trusted name in the industry. Mastercard’s mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and economies by driving the digital transformation of the global payments landscape.

The Challenge

Mastercard experienced a significant decline in visitor engagement at its corporate events, reducing footfall and limiting networking opportunities for attendees. Recognizing the need for innovative approaches to rejuvenate attendee interest, Mastercard also sought to introduce NFTs to provide a “wow” factor to their events and impress visitors with a unique implementation of NFT technology.

The SolutionEnhancing the Visitor Experience

Mintology proposed a highly engaging solution for Mastercard’s events. The centrepiece was an NFT Scavenger Hunt for the Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean 2022 Innovation Forum. Mintology strategically placed scannable QR codes across various zones at the event location. Each QR code, when scanned, would grant attendees a unique NFT. By completing a collection of NFTs, participants became eligible to win an exclusive prize. This gamified approach, coupled with the allure of NFTs, effectively revitalized visitor engagement, meeting Mastercard’s business objectives.

Attendees learned more about the NFT Scavenger Hunt at the Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean 2022 Innovation Forum.

Proof of Attendance Made Memorable

To provide an innovative proof of attendance experience, Mintology integrated NFTs into two other major Mastercard events: the Mastercard Customer Forum 2022 in Malaysia/Indonesia and the Mastercard Payment Summit 2022 in India. Visitors received a link to claim their NFTs before the event or could scan a QR code at the event instead. Upon arrival, attendees presented their NFTs on their smartphones at the welcome counter to receive a special gift, elevating the event experience and leaving a lasting impression.

Mastercard approached Mintology with its business requirements, and Mintology provided comprehensive support throughout each project. This included technical assistance, API integration, designing the NFTs used, and the landing page design for claiming NFTs. Mintology completed each project within a remarkable 6-8 weeks lead time from inception to launch.

The Result

Initial projections estimated a modest 10-20% NFT claim rate among event attendees. However, Mintology’s NFT solutions far surpassed expectations, with over 50-60% of all NFTs claimed across the events, a 300% increase. This unprecedented boost in engagement allowed Mastercard to achieve several critical business objectives:

  • Boosted Visitor Engagement and Attendance: The incentives and utility of adopting NFTs generated a buzz, attracting increased visitor engagement and attendance at Mastercard events.
  • Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Mintology’s NFT activations incentivised more interaction and meetings with industry peers, fostering valuable networking opportunities for attendees.
  • Extended Brand Promotion and Awareness: NFT campaigns effectively promoted the Mastercard brand and enhanced its positioning as an innovator, extending the event’s impact beyond its physical boundaries.
  • Valuable Insights and Future Planning: The data collected from NFT interactions provided valuable post-event analysis and could provide actionable insights for targeted marketing efforts and personalized experiences in future events.

The Conclusion

Mintology’s partnership with Mastercard exemplifies the transformative power of NFTs in redefining attendee engagement at corporate events. By infusing a gamified element and leveraging the appeal of NFTs, Mastercard successfully reignited visitor interest, achieved strategic business goals, and left a lasting impression on event attendees. Mintology’s innovative NFT solutions offer a glimpse into the future of event experiences, providing corporate brands unique opportunities to captivate and connect with their audiences in the digital era.

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